Urban Suburban Film Festival 2011 Award Winners









Best Animation - Death Row Diet
Submitted by: Mike Salva

North American Premiere
Categories: Animation
Running Time: 4 Minutes


Animated comedy short starring Jonathan Katz ('Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist') and Tom Leopold, about a man who is on death row and Weight Watchers.


Best Feature Documentary - Not My Son
Directed by: Dwight Cammeron and Ginger Jolly


North America PREMIERE
Categories: Documentary

Running Time: 1

'Not My Son' follows Birmingham's Carolyn Johnson-Turner and her Parents Against Violence members over the course of several months. According to Johnson-Turner, she will never recover from her son's death. Parents Against Violence Foundation was founded on March 1, 2004 by Johnson-Turner as a result of the anguish she experienced when her 20-year-old son, Rodreckus DeAndrew Johnson, was shot and killed while attending a birthday party. In order to cope, she and the other members, women who have also lost loved ones to gun violence, are on a personal mission to prevent other deaths. At the same time, their anti-violence activities serve as therapy to deal with their overwhelming grief. Can Johnson-Turner and Parents Against Violence really make a difference? The core of 'Not My Son' can be viewed as a microcosm of the violence occurring among young African American males in the nation's urban areas.


Best Feature- Ice Grill, USA
Directed by: Greg Santarsiero and Mark Bernardi

Categories: Feature
Running Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes


'Ice Grill, USA' is a vivid yet stark examination of the pursuit of the American Dream. Set in the multicultural landscape of Atlantic City, NJ, 'Ice Grill, USA' examines class struggle and the acquisition of status in a morally indifferent community. Auggie Logan, the film's noble protagonist, fights to remain virtuosity in a city whose principle industry is vice. Seeking to gain the favor of the neighborhood beauty, Auggie is forced to navigate the treacherous paths of the only two career options available: the black market pharmaceutical drug trade and casino hospitality services. Auggie is torn between the sales pitches and life philosophies of his drug dealer best friend and his corporate sellout brother at the behest of their cutthroat bosses.


Best Drama/Film Short - Satyr
Directed by: Patrick Flanigan

Categories: Short
Running Time: 22 Minutes

Mike has everything, good looks, a new job, and he has a beautiful fiance’. Alison, Mike’s fiance’, is the sweet girl next door. She adores Mike and is anxious to be his wife. Little does she know Mike has deep secret of being a sex addict, who also loves big beautiful women. After Mike’s bachelor party and seeing the Satyr, Mike begins to go back to his old ways as his addictions tears his world apart. Alison becomes disturbed by Mike’s behavior, and when confronting him, he losses it. On top of all Mikes problems, Valerie a fatal attraction, is stalking him.